University 101 Programs

Chandler Casner

Senior Peer Leader, USC

Hometown: Forest City, North Carolina

Major(s):Physical Education

Graduation month/year: May 2018

Favorite spot on campus: Blatt Field

Campus/community involvement: Senior Peer Leader, Gamecock Airsoft Sports Club President, Physical Education Majors President, College of Education Student Advisory Committee, President of South Carolina Association of Future Professionals, McNair Scholar, and McNair Senior Cohort Representative

Best part of your Peer Leader experience: Getting to know and form relationships with the students.

Most impactful part of your Peer Leader experience: Reading the personal journals students wrote to me.

Piece of advice for new Peer Leaders: You will not be able to reach everyone, but care like you can because you just might.

Piece of advice for new USC students: Always leave your door open. You never know what friends or opportunities may come in.