University 101 Programs

EDLP 520: The Teacher as Manager

EDLP 520 is a unique class designed to provide a forum for the reflection and processing of the University 101 Peer Leader experience and to develop and practice important leadership skills that are transferrable to other settings. Discussion revolves around such topics as group facilitation skills, mentoring and helping skills, leadership styles, classroom management strategies, and other related issues. It might be useful to consider the approximately 40 contact hours in the University 101 class as a lab or practicum, with the meetings of EDLP 520 as a discussion/seminar class.


Fall 2018 EDLP 520 Schedule
Monday M 2:20-3:35 Sims S119
Wednesday W 2:20-3:35 Sims S119
Monday M 3:55-5:10 Sims S119
Wednesday W 3:55-5:10 Sims S119
Tuesday T 2:50-4:05 Sims S119
Thursday R 2:50-4:05 Sims S119
Tuesday T 4:25-5:40 Sims S119
Thursday R 4:25-5:40 Sims S119

Click here for a sample syllabus.

As a result of this course, students will

  • Articulate the personal development resulting from the peer leader experience.
  • Apply knowledge of first-year students and engaging pedagogies to developing and delivering an effective lesson plan for use in University 101.
  • Develop and apply appropriate transferable skills, such as communication, helping, and leadership skills.
  • Develop and share ideas for specific course activities/discussions.
  • Identify strategies to deal with challenges associated with the Peer Leader role.

*This class is required of all new University 101 Peer Leaders.