University 101 Programs

Thinking Globally - Follow-up Activities

International Education Week (Fall)/World Night(Spring)

Fall: International Programs in cooperation with other internationally focuses offices, faculty and staff come together to offer a wealth of internationally-themed programming. Each year the variety of activities change, but standard activities include: international student organization and community street fair, international trivia night, international movie, and international cuisine in the Grand Market Place. These events offer University 101 students the chance to get involved in a variety of fun events aimed at helping them consider local opportunities to become involved internationally.

Spring: World Night is a large one-night event which brings together students and the community in celebration of cultural diversity. Traditionally sponsored by International Student Association and International Student Services, the event boasts cuisine from around the world from local restaurants and entertainment from international student groups.

International Student Interview
Go to the International Student Services Office (Byrnes Building, #123) and request to be paired with an international student. If you have a specific interest in an area or country, please specify your country of choice. Create a list of interview questions about the country and culture of the international student.

Follow up: Reflection topics

  • What similarities does your culture have with the international student’s culture?
  • In which ways are the two cultures different?
  • What are some interesting facts about the student’s culture?
  • What surprised you the most about this experience?
  • Reflect on your own prejudices or preconceived notions of other groups/persons.
  • Reflect on stereotypes that people have had of you.
  • What was it like to interview the international student? Was in uncomfortable to ask personal questions about religion and culture?

Follow up: Formal paper topics/Presentation

  • Write a paper based on the international student interview. Research additional information about the student’s country or culture. Use at least on resource from the library.

  • Research a non-western country or culture. How does it compare or contrast to the American culture and values? Is this a country you would like to visit after learning more about it?

  • Compare the amount of food (cost and consumption) between 1st and 3rd world countries. Possible topics: What kind of impact might food have on cultural values? How does food production effect the environment? Is there a solution to the disparity between 1st and 3rd world countries?

  • Compare and contrast typical systems of higher education systems between the U.S. and another country.  Is student life/culture the same or different in the other system? 

  • American Movies: if you were to pick 10 movies which are “typical” American films or depict the American way of life what would they be and why? Can film teach international students about the American experience? 

  • Research a country of choice using International films. Pick a country to research using film as a way to depict the culture and issues of that country. Do you think these films portray the country accurately? Select 5 film synopses to share with the class.