University 101 Programs

Stand-up Carolina

“Stand Up Carolina” is the Bystander Accountability initiative through the Office of Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention and Prevention.  It is used to train bystanders to take action to prevent any interpersonal violence. One focus is to increase awareness to students, faculty and staff about the interventions used to become an accountable bystander.  This presentation is designed to empower students, faculty, and staff to change and challenge negative behaviors.  Additionally, this presentation provides real life examples of how individuals can be accountable bystanders and demonstrate how accountability integrates with the Carolina Creed.

Learning Outcomes

The “Stand Up Carolina” presentation supports University 101 learning outcomes:

II. Help Students Discover and Connect With the University of South Carolina

a. Identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their educational experience, goals, and campus engagement

This presentation will increase awareness as well as knowledge of resources available to students, faculty, and staff as it relates to interpersonal violence and sexual assault.

b. Develop and apply skills that contribute to building positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty

This presentation will increase awareness as well as knowledge of resources available to the students, faculty and staff as it relates to interpersonal violence and sexual assault.  Additionally, it will inform participants of the techniques and skills needed in order to be an accountable bystander.

III. Prepare Students for Responsible Lives in a Diverse, Interconnected, and Changing World

c. Describe and demonstrate principles of responsible citizenship within and beyond the campus community

Cultivate an environment where participants are active mentors and personally involved in exemplifying the Carolina Creed along with the awareness and knowledge to be accountable bystanders beyond the University of South Carolina and the Columbia community. 

As a result of attending this presentation students will:

  • Have an increased awareness about the causes and definitions of interpersonal violence
  • Have an increased understanding of what a bystander is and understand the negative impact of bystander apathy on a college campus 
  • Feel equipped to identify and intervene when they encounter interpersonal violence

Presentation Outline

  • Recognize Interpersonal Violence
    • Who it affects
    • What does this mean to you?
    • University’s Policy for Sexual Assault and Consent
      • 10 minute parody on consent
      • SC law regarding consent
  • Understanding the Bystander, Identifying Risks Determining Interpersonal Violence
    • How to Intervene or Discourage Situations
    • Defining a Bystander
    • Determining Sexual Violence
    • Green, Yellow, & Red cards
      • Situations will be read to the class, and students will hold up one of three cards, indicating how high risk a situation is and if someone needs to intervene
      • Discussion will follow reflecting on why someone should or should not intervene
    • What prevents bystanders from intervening?
      • Discuss as a large group and come up with reasons why it is hard to step in and help in these high-risk situations
    • Have the Necessary Skills to Intervene (Stand Up)
      • How do I intervene? (Stand Up)
        • Discuss methods of intervening- Direct, Delegate, Distract, Questioning
        • Discuss as a large group and have participants decide how they would intervene (Interactive Scenario)
      • Resources

      • Summarize
    • Stand Up Carolina!
      • Stand Up Carolina motto

Presentation Length

50 minutes or 75 minutes or Other Presentation Length

Presenter Training

All staff and student presenters are trained by the staff in the Sexual Assault Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) office.  All presenters receive continuing education throughout the semester, including additional relevant presentation content, campus and community resources, and latest trends.