University 101 Programs

"It's NOT a Game" - Follow up activities:

  • Journal Prompts Write about the opening exercise in which the popular culture and media portrays both stalking behaviors and relationship violence. How can/does this influence how we feel about stalking and relationship violence? Does the media make us less sensitive to these issues? What are your thoughts/feelings about the songs and movies discussed? Have they changed or stayed the same? 

  • Formal Paper Prompts or Assignments What other societal issues are portrayed in similar light by the media? Is recognizing the messages that movies and music suggest about interpersonal relationship enough? After recognition and awareness what is the next step in addressing/improving these issues? Discuss more in depth the cycle of violence. What is your understanding for how this cycle continues and what can circumvent this cycle? 

  • Discussion Questions The parameters of consent are not very clear, what prevents us from having clear parameters and definitions of consent? If some people don't agree or understand the parameters of consent how are people to abide by them and be held accountable? Discuss alcohol's effect of consent. If people know that alcohol impairs their judgment and influences bad decision making, why/how does the relationship between alcohol and sex persist? 

  • Reflection Items What are some healthy relationship behaviors that you practice? How did you develop these skills? What are some unhealthy relationship behaviors you would like to change? How might you change them? What has kept you from changing them in the past? How did these unhealthy behaviors begin? Have you or anyone you known been in an unhealthy relationship? If so, what can you do to help and/or what did you need that would have been helpful?