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How Free is Free? Downloading on the Internet

The Copyright Infringement presentation provides students with the opportunity to learn the pro's and con's of downloading media onto their personal computers and devices and the potential consequences they could face.

Learning Outcomes
The Copyright Infringement presentation supports University 101 learning outcomes:

I. Help Students Discover and Connect with The University of South Carolina

c) Recognize the purpose and value of academic integrity and describe the key themes related to the Honor Code at the University of South Carolina

III. Prepare Students for Responsible Lives in a Diverse, Interconnected, and Changing World

c) Describe and demonstrate principles of responsible citizenship within and beyond the campus community.

As a result of the Copyright Infringement presentation students will:

  • Learn how the diverse and sometimes controversial viewpoints of academic integrity as it pertains to copyright infringement
  • Be aware of varying viewpoints and how to accept the results of these views
  • Understand how some decisions are made based on role-play and case studies
  • Reflect on personal views and incorporate other opinions on copyright infringement

Program Description
University Technology Services is committed to educating students of the consequences of illegally downloading media, especially while living on-campus. The number of copyright infringement cases at the University of South Carolina has increased over the past few years. We want students to know what the law states and how the University handles infringement notices.

Our presentation is interactive and allows students to participate in a mock case study about a real case involving a student (identities and specific details of the situation will be omitted). There are a two different ways UTS can present this class session – through one of our UTS representatives or handled by the instructor with materials provided beforehand and a UTS video to assist.

Students are able to learn about the copyright law and also explore the different perspectives that the University, media company, federal government and the students have. They will be able to talk amongst themselves in groups then present their cases to the class. Time will be given to study and reflect on their findings.

Presentation Options (This can be done in both the 50 minute and 90 minute classes)

  1. UTS-led: In-class demonstration with a UTS staff member and interactive case-study (Schedule through UTS, Kimberly South (803) 777-8910 or )
  2. Instructor-led: Online video to assist with an introduction to the interactive demonstration & materials distributed through the instructor prior to class session (Available anytime); UTS will provide materials, information and assistance prior to the class
  3. Handouts: UTS can provide various handouts on this topic for students to use outside of class or as a discussion topic during class.

Brief Presentation Outline

  1. PREPARATION(OPTIONAL): Before the presentation, have students read and review and Transitions chapter on Academic Integrity

    1. Introduction of topic & speaker: 5-10 minutes
    2. Case study review: 15-25 minutes
    3. Discuss viewpoints: 15-25 minutes
    4. Class decision: 5-10 minutes
    5. Thoughts & Reflection: 5-10 minutes

  3. FOLLOW-UP (OPTIONAL): Ask students to write a paragraph or blog entry about their own viewpoints and why or why not they agree with the University, the media company or federal regulations.

Website available:

Detailed Presentation Outline

Additional Materials/ Resource