University 101 Programs

Thrive Together; Fail Alone Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. -John Lennon

This presentation involves students in an experiential learning activity which will spark a dialogue based on what can be accomplished when we work together. This presentation is completely activity and dialogue based and will involve lots of movement and active learning strategies in order to create a space to talk about the realities of living, working and thriving in a diverse inter-connected world!

Learning Outcomes 
The Thrive Together; Fail Alone presentation supports University 101 goal

III. Prepare Students for Responsible Lives in a Diverse, Interconnected, and Changing World 
As a result of this presentation, students will:

  • Be able to define diversity and identify core examples of what it encompasses. 
  • Be able to explain how they personally contribute to the diversity at USC.
  • Be able to identify campus resources where they may learn more about diversity and multiculturalism.

Program Description 
This program will run the entirety of an hour and fifteen minute class. Presenters for this program include at least one professional staff member and 1 to 2 EMPOWER Diversity Peer Educators. All presenters will have training in facilitation skills based on the Anti-Defamation League: A World of Difference program. The presentation opens with a deinhibitizor to get everyone in the same mindset; the building of a Full-Value Contract then rolls into an interactive activity followed by a space for processing and dialogue. We will close with a Q & A on campus resources and upcoming events.

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Follow up activities. Activities or lesson plan materials that the instructors may use to further assess students understanding of the material

  • Journal Prompts
    • What did this metaphor mean to you? How can you relate this to your life?

  • Formal Paper Prompts or Assignments
    • How did the type of presentation affect your learning? How will this experience affect they way in which you interact with those with whom you are unfamiliar?

  • Discussion Questions
    • What happened during the activity? Where does this metaphor play out in our lives?

  • Reflection Items
    • If I were to do this activity again, what would I do differently?