University 101 Programs

Off-Campus Living 101

Presentation Abstract
With the majority of students moving off-campus after their first year, it is imperative that they have the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding where to live their sophomore year and throughout the remainder of their USC experience. Most students begin the process of exploring housing options for the coming year during the fall semester. “Off-Campus Living 101” provides a comprehensive overview of the off-campus housing search process, cost considerations, lease terminology, campus resources to support off-campus students, and the importance of practicing civility off-campus.

University 101 Learning Outcomes

II b) Develop positive relationships with peers, staff, and faculty.

Off-campus students are not only members of the USC community but also the community in which they reside. We will educate students about the importance of building positive relationships with roommates and neighbors by practicing civility and abiding by the code of conduct off campus.

III c) Examine and develop strategies that promote wellbeing and explain how wellness impacts their academic and personal success.

Students need secure, safe and healthy place to live in order to succeed at the University. This presentation provides students with tools and resources to find their ideal off-campus housing fit so that they can thrive academically and socially on campus.

Presentation Learning Outcomes
As a result of this presentation, students will:
-Be more prepared to select and secure off-campus housing.
-Understand the importance of building positive relationships with roommates and neighbors by practicing civility and abiding by the code of conduct off campus.
-Have an increased awareness of resources available for off-campus students.

Presentation Outline
Introduction & information gathering about the class
On-Campus Housing deadlines & notification schedule
Discuss pros and cons of living off-campus
Identify the different types of housing options
Off-campus living cost considerations, paying for off-campus housing & budgeting
Lease terms, types of leases, subleasing/transferring leases & Student Legal Services
Student Code of Conduct extends off-campus & why it’s important to practice civility off-campus
Activity: identify what’s wrong with the picture (pictures will showcase common bad neighbor behaviors/mistakes)
Activity: Narrow Down Your Search- students will individually fill out a checklist requiring them to begin to think about their off-campus priorities (amenities, cost, distance, number of roommates, type of housing, etc.)
Roommates- tips for roommate harmony, ways to find roommates
Activity: Mock housing search- class will be divided into groups of 3-5 and each group will receive a rental scenario (an off-campus living option example). As a group they will identify the pros and cons of the apartment/house, identify additional questions they would ask the landlord and decide whether or not the option aligns with their personal off-campus living priorities. Discuss each option as a larger group.
Partners in Off-Campus Living- student apartment complexes that have a close working relationship with USC
Upcoming events to find off-campus housing for next year
Key takeaways

Presentation Length
50 minutes;

Presenter Training
Presenters will include professional staff, graduate assistants and undergraduate peer leaders. All presenters will be trained on the presentation content and presentation skills. All new presenters will be required to observe professional staff prior to conducting a presentation on their own. Through the training process we monitor readiness to ensure that all presenters have the confidence and knowledge needed to lead a successful presentation.