University 101 Programs

Career Center - Follow-up Activities

Instructors may want to use one or more of the following activities with their students to supplement the Career Center presentation and visit:

  • Apply the career decision-making process by writing a paper that uses the four-step process as an outline for the paper.
  • Using instructions provided, complete FOCUS and summarize insights gained in a paper.
  • Using Internet-based and Career Center Library resources that were introduced in the presentation, require small groups of students to develop PowerPoint presentations that focus on particular career fields.
  • Require students to set up a basic account in JobMate and identify five internships/part-time jobs that interest them.  Print out the job descriptions for the internships.
  • Using OptimalResume, create a ‘dream resume’ that projects possible educational, work, and leadership experiences during the four  years of undergraduate study.
  • Using interviewing books in the Career Center Library, identify three difficult questions that may be asked in an interview and three questions to ask an interviewer.
  • Using Vault, research a particular employer providing at least the following information-employer snapshot, products/services, competitors, and hiring process.
  • Develop a four-year plan that outlines career-related tasks/activities for each year of academic study.