University 101 Programs

Rock Wall

Outdoor Recreation will be facilitating 24 time slots on Thursday and Friday evenings from 6:00-8:00 for classes to participate in the Rock Wall. 70% of the class must be present in order to participate.

Learning Outcomes 
The Rock Wall supports University 101 learning outcomes:

II. Help Students Discover and Connect with The University of South Carolina 
a) Identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their educational experience, goals, and campus engagement. 

b) Develop and apply skills that contribute to building positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty.

III. Prepare Students for Responsible Lives in a Diverse, Interconnected, and Changing World 
d) Describe processes, strategies, and resources, and explain the implications of their decisions, related to their overall wellness.

Program Description 
Molded from real rock, the 52-foot Climbing Wall looks and feels like real rock. Established routes are available for beginner, intermediate, and avid climbers using fixed hand holds and the actual texture of the wall. The Rock Wall typically takes 2 hours to complete so please allow that time when scheduling the presentation.

If you have further questions, please contact Addison Nanney at or Justin Thaker at