University 101 Programs

ACE Your Exams

Presentation Outline

  • Introductions
    • Ice breaker Activity- Facilitator’s choice
  • Note Taking
    • Definition
    • The presenter will share a handout and facilitator a discussion focusing on how taking good notes is part of the preparation phase that occurs prior to an exam
  • Exam Preparation
    • Define subject matter
    • The presenter will provide a general test strategies handout and a 5 Day Exam Prep Worksheet to all students and facilitate a discussion.
      • What is the difference between a mid-term, final and exam? How are they weighted differently?
      • How did you prepare for exams in high school? How do you think it will be different in college?
      • What are some examples of different types of exams?
  • Time Management
    • Presenter will facilitate a discussion focusing on time management.
      • Why is time management important when thinking about exam preparation?
      • How many of you think you have good time management skills?
      • What strategies do you use?  (planner, calendar, gaps between classes, etc.)
      • How has your time management style changed since high school? 
      • What else are you balancing beside class?
    • Opportunity for active practice
      • Weekly Time Table/5 day Exam Prep: Have students block out the schedules in a weekly time table. Then have them include the 5 day exam prep in their weekly schedule for an up and coming test.
    • The presenter will facilitate a discussion on Time Management principles (provide handout)
      • Discussion points include
        • Some strategies work well for some but not others.
        • How can you best schedule your time?  For example, when you study best, how study best, etc.
        • You must be willing to try something new.
        • Presenter will pass out the Homework Organizer sheet
  • Stop/Start/Continue-What are some things that you want to stop, start and continue doing related to time management?

 Presentation Length
50 minutes