University 101 Programs

Follow-up Activities

Out-to-Lunch:  Have students interact with a professor outside of class by participating in the Out-To-Lunch program. Then have students write a response paper about their experience. Most students find this experience extremely rewarding. Students can pick up an OTL ticket at any ACE office or any Housing Area office. Visit the Out-to-Lunch webpage for more information and to print a list of suggested questions students may ask their professor.

ACE Academic Success Appointment: Have students schedule an academic success consultation with an ACE Coach and write a short essay about what they learn. Students can schedule an appointment online and request a variety of study skill topics they would like to discuss with their ACE Coach. Study skill topics include time management, exam preparation, note-taking skills, avoiding procrastination, and much more. Students can also bring instructors an "ACE verification form" confirming the date and time of the ACE appointment.

LASSI: Have students take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) and visit an ACE Coach to learn more about improving their study habits. Students can print out their results and identify their academic strengths and weaknesses. This can be a stand-alone assignment or a supplement to an academic success presentation.

Academic Plan: Have students set semester or year goals by completing an Academic Plan and bring it to class. This comprehensive document encourages students to think through several areas of their academic success by planning ahead for advising, meeting with professors, mapping academic goals, and much more.

Learning Styles and Self-Assessments: Have students discover their learning style by taking one of ACE's learning style inventories to gain more information about how they learn best. Students can choose from three learning style inventories including the VARK, Barsch, or the Index of Learning Styles. ACE also offers several other self-assessments, including the StrengthsQuest StrengthsFinder.

VARK : ACE offers all UNIV101 classes an opportunity to have students quickly and easily identify their learning style online by taking the VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, Kinesthetic) questionnaire.

Time Management Worksheets:Have students complete a Time Balancing Worksheet and learn how to effectively manage their time while avoiding procrastination. Time management is the number one skill to master in college!