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University 101 (UNIV 101) is taught by faculty, staff, and administrators at the University of South Carolina who are committed to first-year student education, learning, and success. In fall 2015, University 101 Programs will utilize approximately 200 instructors from over 75 different departments and units to teach the 223 sections of UNIV 101.

Who Teaches University 101?

University 101 Instructors:

  • Are full-time University of South Carolina employees or USC retirees
  • Hold a Master's degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • Have approval from their supervisor or department chair to teach UNIV 101
  • Have approval from the Director of University 101 Programs to teach UNIV 101
  • Completed the Teaching Experience Workshop
  • Participate in regular professional development opportunities offered by University 101 Programs

Benefits of Teaching University 101

  • It makes a significant impact on students. University 101 students earn higher first-year GPA's, persist to their second year at higher rates, and graduate at higher rates than their peers who do not take the course.
  • It helps professionals stay connected to the student experience. One instructor said, "I get such a range of experiences from teaching the course, and I love the interaction with our first-year students. It also keeps me updated on all campus resources, which… help(s) me help other students in my full-time job."
  • Teaching UNIV 101 is a fulfilling professional development opportunity. 88% of instructors reported that as result of teaching University 101 they learned things that they could apply to their other responsibilities.
  • Your campus network grows. With 185 instructors representing 75 different departments or offices across campus, UNIV 101 instructors consistently report a greater connection and commitment to the University.
  • It's fun! 100% of University 101 instructors reported that they enjoyed teaching the course.
  • In addition, instructors are compensated to teach University 101.

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