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Overall Effectiveness of UNIV 101 as Measured by the First-Year Seminar Assessment



The effectiveness of UNIV 101, as measured by the First-Year Seminar Assessment’s Overall Program Effectiveness factor, continues to improve from year to year (see Figure 1).  The factor mean increased to 5.70 on a 7-point scale in fall 2016 (N=2,044).  The Overall Program Effectiveness factor assesses the degree to which students report the course:

(a) included interesting subject matter (M=5.62),
(b) contributed to their ability to succeed academically (M=5.62),
(c) contributed to their ability to adjust to the college social environment (M=5.73),
(d) covered topics important to the student (M=5.69), and
(e) is one to recommend to other first-year students (M=5.86).


Figure 1. Overall program effectiveness, fall semesters 2008-2016.  Data retrieved from the First-Year Seminar Assessment and presented on a 7-point scale.

Note: The First-Year Seminar Assessment (FYSA) is a national benchmarking instrument used to measure first-year seminar effectiveness.  It is administered online to all UNIV 101 students at the end of the fall semester.