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Impact of UNIV 101

UNIV 101 students have consistently had higher one-year retention rates, six-year graduation rates, and first-year GPAs than students who do not enroll in the course. Additionally, UNIV 101 students earn more credit hours by the end of their first year than students not enrolled.

*The data below may be filtered by student subpopulation. Please refer to the bottom of the page for definition of terms.

Student Subpopulation Filter - Definition of Terms

All First-Year Students - All first-time, full-time students starting in a given fall semester

Without Honors College - First-year students not enrolled in the South Carolina Honors College

Note: Given that these students have significantly higher predicted grades and tend to enroll in UNIV 101 at a lower rate than other students, excluding these students from the analyses gives a more accurate picture of the impact of the course.

Pell Grant - First-year students who are recipients of a Pell Grant

First-Generation - First-year students whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree

Lowest Predicted GPA Quintile - First-year students whose predicted first-year GPA (based on prior academic achievement such as high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores) is in the lowest 20th percentile of the first-year cohort


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