The No Limits campaign honors the individuals who work, study, teach and graduate from our university. This brief style guide illustrates various application of the tag line, No Limits.

The General Rule: Capitalize No Limits when used as a proper noun or when referring to the campaign. Lowercase no limits in generic cases.

As a Brand Statement:

  • As a Gamecock, my passion has No Limits.

As a Proper Name:

  • Visit the No Limits website to see how Gamecocks are making a difference.
  • Each No Limits story is unique.

As a Campaign Title:

  • The USC No Limits brand campaign honors the individuals who…

General Usage: (When used to express accomplishments, use sparingly and do not capitalize.)

  • There are truly no limits to what you can achieve through a University of South Carolina experience.
  • He believes there are no limits to what he can do after graduation.

As a Website Address:

Note: When writing about the brand, consider using words and language from the brand personality and brand statement.