NO LIMITS: Storytelling

Writing Approach

We are all special—unique in some way. Each No Limits story is also unique. Each story is a personal journey that is poignant, confident and genuine. No Limits showcases vibrant, conversational writing for readers to embrace. Our stories utilize techniques of good storytelling—strong openings, vivid imagery, personal appeal and simple narratives. And just as important, they are devoid of complex jargon and complicated statistics.

The Brand Statement

As a Gamecock, my (fill in the blank) has No Limits” is the university’s brand statement or tag line. Each statement is a USC promise to those we serve everyday. It’s a pledge crafted to show our dedication to South Carolina, the nation and world. Flexible, the statement can be written to represent an individual, groups of people or the entire institution.


  • As a Gamecock, my compassion has No Limits.
  • As Gamecocks, our dedication has No Limits.
  • As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits.
  • As Gamecocks, our imagination has No Limits.

Writers’ Style Guide

The No Limits Style Guide explains grammatical and capitalization uses of No Limits.