Download the logo

The .zip download folder contains EPS, PDF and high-resolution JPEG files of both standard and linear logo versions of the University logo.

A full range of print publication templates bring together all the elements of our style. This template system will assist our campus communicators in the consistent application of our visual identity. Formats range from folded brochures to fliers and from postcards to posters.

This system incorporates all of our type, color and logo styles plus a number of additional design elements that enhance the visual toolbox and allow us to accommodate a wide variety of content and create a consistent and flexible visual identity.


The design elements illustrated in the gallery are built into the templates. The individual elements combine to form a consistent overall style. Each template contains the style elements appropriate for the format.

Element Gallery

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To properly communicate our needs, we use this vocabulary of terms to de ne the design elements we use in our visual identity. Browse the gallery to see these words in action.

A rounded corner element represents a new way of approaching problems. Only the lower left and upper right corners are rounded on the largest frame or series of frames that comprise a unit.

Each template contains a university logo, properly sized and placed based on the publication format. The white logo is used on black or garnet backgrounds. Our garnet and black logo is used on white backgrounds.

Dark to light gradients add depth and dimension to the layout, just as our teaching and research add depth to our pursuit of positive change.

The non-bleed templates are designed with consistently spaced frames to de ne the image and text areas of the publication. The size of the frames may be adjusted to accommodate different content, but the spacing between the frames and edges should remain consistent.

Blocks of translucent color may be layered over images for pull quotes or sidebars. The translucent blocks allow us to use our colors, provide good readability for text and let a portion of the image show through to enhance the idea of depth on the page.

This element may be added to color blocks to direct the reader to a section of a graphic or informally tie a conversation to an image. A drop shadow may be added for depth, too.

Vertical and horizontal lines within the layout can be used to guide the reader. In the bleed template versions, the vertical rule descends from the top edge and stops at the last line of text in the head/ subhead.

The templates have de ned spaces to accommodate photos. The Creative Services photographers shoot following our photo style and post campus images to a SmugMug account. For custom photography, a list of approved vendors is available to the campus community through the IMC Network.

A library of photographic textures, captured on our Columbia campus, overlaid with bold color shows our respect for our history, but with a modern translation. You can use the patterns to add interest to the piece or when a representative photo is not available.

Paragraph and character style sheets are built into the templates, making it easy to quickly apply the correct style to headlines, subheads and body text.

All of the templates are set up with a strong garnet color and black presence on the cover or  rst page of the publication. When using secondary colors, textures and images, use garnet for the background logo area.

Most templates are available in non-bleed and bleed formats. Non-bleed formats have a white border around the image area. In bleed formats, the color "bleeds" off the edges.

There's always something happening at the University of South Carolina. Bold treatments of numerals and dates add to the visual interest of the piece and provide at a glance information for our audiences.