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Arnold School of Public Health

Online Graduate Degree Programs

While a number of core courses are available via distance education in programs across the Arnold School, we have three master's degree programs that are offered completely via distance education: the Master of Communication Disorders, the Master of Public Health in Health Services Policy and Management, and the Master of Public Health Professional Online Program in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior

Master of Communication Disorders (MCD)

If you would like to become a speech-language pathologist but have job or family commitments that prevent you from attending a full-time master’s program, then we encourage you to consider our MCD program. The MCD degree prepares you for a career in speech-language pathology through comprehensive coursework and significant clinical experiences. The curriculum has been structured to be part-time, with academic instruction offered through distance learning, in-person components, and technology-supported live interactions. 

Please review our MCD program information [pdf] for additional details about application requirements, financial aid and program benefits.

Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior Professional Online Program (MPH)

The Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Professional Online Program is designed for practitioners in health department, community, school and worksite settings who are deeply concerned about human welfare and require the flexibility of an online program. The curriculum provides highly transferable, interdisciplinary skills that will help make you a more impactful agent of change in your career and in people’s lives. This program will train you to become a leader and advocate for change in organizations and in the environment to facilitate healthful practices; develop programs aimed at promoting good health at the personal, organizational, and public-policy levels; evaluate health programs and policies to ensure they are meeting objectives and societal needs; and develop and disseminate knowledge through systematic research and evaluation.

The Graduate School's "gradonline" service allows you to find more information on cost, courses and application procedures.