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Arnold School of Public Health

Accreditation Updates

Athletic Training is in the process of making several changes to continue to meet CAATE accreditation requirements. Learn more about the program's transition from the College of Education to the Arnold School of Public Health's Department of Exercice Science with this announcement and find the most recent updates in the table below.

CAATE Changes for Degrees

On May 20, 2015 the Strategic Alliance (BOC, CAATE, NATA, and NATA Foundation) announced that the professional degree for Athletic Training be changed to the master’s degree. This degree change at the professional level affects students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels (i.e., post-professional students). Although, we have six years left to be compliant, USC will be on the forefront of the change. The remainder of this table details the ways in which our programs and students will be affected.

Current B.S. in Athletic Training (Professional Degree)

  • The B.S. in Athletic Training Degree (professional preparation degree) will soon be terminated. The freshman cohort starting in Fall 2016 will be the last cohort to seek this degree. The course requirements for the degree will NOT change, the degree will move over to the EXSC department as is.
  • All current students (e.g., freshman or transfers) will have an opportunity to apply for the B.S. in Athletic Training degree in the Spring of 2017. We accept ~35 students a year. Any transfer students, must be officially enrolled at USC in Spring 2017 and meet all pre-requistes to apply for the program.
  • Current students enrolled as an Athletic Training major will be transferred over automatically, the students will have no responsibility to switch colleges.
  • All freshman and transfer athletic training students are currently being advised the entire summer of 2016 through the College of Education, and will transfer advising in the Fall 2016 to the Arnold School of Public Health for classes for Spring 2017.

New M.S. in Athletic Training (Professional Degree)

  • The “new” M.S. in Athletic Training (professional preparation degree) is estimated to start Summer/Fall 2018.
  • A requirement for this program will be a bachelor’s degree; therefore, current bachelor students (e.g, EXSC and Public Health majors) may apply for this degree in the Fall of 2017.

Current M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training (Post Professional Degree)

  • The current M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training degree (Post-professional degree – specifically designed for Board of Certification (BOC) certified athletic trainer), will continue until undergraduate athletic training professional degrees phase out (estimated 5-6 years).
  • As the M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training degree phases out, we are looking forward to creating additional post-professional educuation programs in EXSC. These may include programs such as residency programs, speciality certifications, and/or clinical doctoral programs in athletic training

Location Information

Athletic Training Programs will continue to be housed in the Blatt PE Center. Faculty, however will be housed within the Blatt PE Center and the Public Health Research Center (PHRC).

Contact information for specific questions 

Current B.S. in Athletic Training (Professional Degree)
Jim Mensch Ph.D., SCAT, ATC
Clinical Associate Professor
Undergraduate Athletic Training Program Director
Office: Blatt PE Center 101F
Phone: 803-777-3846

Current M.S. in Advanced Athletic Training (Post-Professional Degree)
Toni Torres-McGehee Ph.D., SCAT, ATC
Associate Professor
Graduate Athletic Training Director
Offices: Blatt PE Center 212 & PHRC 305c