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College of Nursing

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South Carolina One Voice One Plan

Better Care, Better Health, Reduced Cost is our vision for all South Carolinians. The One Voice One Plan Future of Nursing Action Coalition believes that nursing, the largest sector of the healthcare workforce, will play a significant role in improving health outcomes while reducing costs.

Nurses' on Boards Coaltion

All boards benefit from the unique perspective of nurses to achieve the goals of improved health as well as efficient and effective health care systems at the local, state and national levels.  Nurses bring a full set of skills not found in other professions and play a crucial role in developing high-quality systesm of care that offer better outcomes and increased satisfaction for people, families and communities.  It's for these reaosns that we are working to help the profession "leam into leadership."

For more information on the NOBC and to have your effors in board leadership be recognized and counted, visit our website and join the National Campaign for Acation Coalition mailing list.

Following the release of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health in late 2010, the OVOP Coalition adopted the challenge to implement the recommendations of the IOM. The Coalition became the OVOP Future of Nursing Action Coalition and formed four teams to address the 8 recommendations.  Much work has been accomplished, but there is more yet to be completed, so we invite all interested individuals and organizations to join us in improving the health our SC.