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Cancer Survivorship Center

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Annual Report Highlights

September 1st, 2016 – December 31st, 2017

In the third year of the Cancer Survivorship Center, many research initiatives have been completed and a wide range of successes for the South Carolina community have been instituted. The seminar series, hosted on third Wednesdays in the month, continues to be a regular event on engaging the community with enlightening research and insight. Five seminar events were hosted that covered a variety of research topics specifically aimed at cancer research. Along with the success of the forum, our center has been involved in numerous publications in the forms of books, manuscripts, and research articles for public consumption. Furthering the dissemination of knowledge on cancer is at the forefront of our focus as we look towards future endeavors as a research center as a whole. We continue to look forward to new and exciting collaborations in order to reach as many South Carolinians and beyond with our purpose to serve those affected by cancer. 

Overview by the Numbers:

  • 49 Manuscripts/Journal Articles Published
  • 20 Manuscript/Journal Articles In Press
  • 19 Manuscripts/Journal Articles Submitted/Under Review
  • 69 Poster presentations disseminating cancer research findings
  • 19 Grants awarded to center faculty
  • 26 Grants submitted by center faculty
  • 61 faculty/students/community members in total attendance for 5 forum events

 To view the Center's annual report in its entirety, click here.

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