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College of Nursing

BSN Program Information (Summer 2014 and previous)

BSN Progression Requirements

Progression into upper-division nursing occurs in the fall semester. Students who have completed at least 45 credit hours (including eight credits of the required science courses and nine hours of required lower-division nursing courses) and wish to apply to the upper division must submit a completed College of Nursing progression application no later than Dec. 1 for the following fall semester in which registration is desired. Factors considered in the progression decision include:

  • a minimum cumulative USC and collegiate summary grade point average of 3.0 or better (Progression is competitive, based on cumulative GPA, and limited to a set number of qualified students.)
  • a grade of 'C' or better in all required courses in the nursing program
  • verified completion of 45 prerequisite credits in general education and lower division nursing courses at the
    time of application
  • successful completion of eight credits of the required sciences in the 45 credits presented for progression
  • successful completion of nine credits of the required lower division nursing courses in the 45 credits presented
    for progression consideration
  • must have not repeated more than one required science or lower-division nursing course
  • must have completed all lower-division nursing and science requirements prior to progression
  • must be full time and take courses in sequence if accepted into upper division