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Portfolio Friday

Portfolio Friday features a series of workshops designed to help music students develop their professional portfolios.

Portfolio Friday events feature a full day of sessions by a variety of presenters. You'll learn practical skills like branding yourself, developing your website, creating a portfolio, perfecting your resume and correspondence, and other techniques to get you ready for the real world and your career.

Stay tuned for upcoming Portfolio Friday events.

The inaugural Portfolio Friday, hosted on January 18, 2013, featured a series of workshops designed to help music students with their professional portfolios:

Photo/sign up
How to get the most out of professional photo sessions: What to wear, what to bring, what to expect, how to prepare. Attendees will have priority scheduling for the subsidized January 31 and February 1 photo sessions, which are $20 for a 10-minute shoot and full digital rights.

Music education cover letters
This master class discusses the keys to writing successful cover letters for music education positions.

“Branding” Yourself with a Portfolio
Every portfolio or promotional item transmits a brand. Discover how to position items like bios, differentiation statements, mission statements, and repertoire lists so they forecast the right message.

Building a Website for FREE
A musician without a website is one who doesn’t exist. But where do you start? This class shows how to build an effective site for cheap or free, without prior programming experience.

Audio/Video Elements of a Web-based Portfolio
No musician website or portfolio should be without audio/visual elements. But what should you include? And how can you best share these materials?

Perfecting your Resume/CV
Whether you plan to work as a performer or teacher, this workshop provides tips for making your resume and CV shine.

Portfolio pizza party

College Teaching Cover Letters
College music teaching positions typically attract 150+ applicants. For any chance to advance, the cover letter is crucial. After introducing strategic approaches, this master class critiques actual letters from students, providing critical feedback on what resonates with search committees.