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Darla Moore School of Business

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Business Analytics

Today and into the future, business success demands constant innovation and creativity, coupled with a high-level understanding of business analytics. Moore School students are immersed in high-level analytics in every business discipline throughout their college career.

One of the most urgent, unmet needs of business today is the effective use of vast data resources to measure performance and set a course for continued success. Graduates who can provide new insights and back their recommendations with sound analytics can have much more influence during the early parts of their careers than was historically possible.

What graduates need to know to excel in applied business analytics:

  • Calculus
  • Data extraction, merging and cleaning
  • Data mining and clustering analysis
  • Database structures and querying
  • Forecasting methods and tools
  • Regression/trend analysis
  • Scoring and optimization models
  • Statistics
  • Visualization of data

The education and application of these skills is woven into each business degree in course work and in student projects across all majors.

In additition to business analytics courses incorporated into the school curriculum, you may opt for a business analytics concentration within your chosed major.


Business Analytics Undergraduate Concentration

Required course:

  • Data Analytics for Business

This course helps develop two sets of skills in students. First, effectively using standard business software tools that are used in data analysis. Secondly, using multiple analytics software tools to gain insights to guide decision-making.

Three elective courses from the following, each of which has significant analytics applied in the area of study:

  • Accounting Information Systems I
  • Econometrics
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Management
  • Student-Managed Investments
  • Human Resources Analytics
  • Information Systems
  • Service Operations
  • Marketing Research

(Note: The business analytics concentration within the accounting major has different course requirements.)