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Darla Moore School of Business

International Marketplace Immersion

The International MBA program at the Moore School helps students acquire the robust skills necessary to lead in multinational corporations. We believe that to most effectively develop these skills, students must live, study and work internationally as part of their MBA experience. The International Marketplace Immersion is unique to the Moore School’s International MBA program.

Develop contextual intelligence

A unique opportunity to become a multinational leader through a dynamic learning process

  • Language immersion
  • Globalization and the International Context of Business
  • Corporate internship

Language immersion

The International Marketplace Immersion begins with language immersion in-country. Each student participates in an intensive language training program offered by the Moore School in partnership with an in-country institution. Through this program, students increase their language fluency to a level sufficient to participate in business and social conversations. In addition to classroom work, students will be given assignments to practice language and to immerse themselves in the life and culture of the city and country where they are studying.

Globalization and the International Context of Business

This course, taken while in-country completing the International Marketplace Immersion, gives students an understanding and appreciation of the unique market dynamics that provide the context that must be considered when making business decisions in their international region.

Students will be given frequent assignments that put their language skills to work and help them learn to fit into the market around them. The assignments during their language immersion help students develop an understanding of the region and prepare them for their corporate internship and strategic consulting project.

Contextual Intelligence assignments will continue during the internship and consulting project to provide both a process for learning and support for an enhanced experience. Students will not only work day-to-day for their companies, but they will also learn how to be more effective working within the business dynamics of that particular region.

Corporate internship

 A central part of the Moore School IMBA program is the corporate internship. Though students typically complete this requirement with a multinational company in the United States, in some instances they leverage the International Marketplace Immersion to secure an internship with an international company in the region of their language training. Regardless of location, students build on core classes and the IMI module by working either in the United States — in many cases, securing a full-time offer as an outcome of the internship — or in their immersion location, gaining real-world work experience that adds value to the job placement and career development process.