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Darla Moore School of Business

International MBA Curriculum

  • Challenge yourself with our integrated MBA core delivering rigorous course work in international business and management functions.
  • Immerse yourself with our unique International Marketplace Immersion. Choose a Language Track, offering in-country language instruction, or the Global Track, providing additonal global business courses and an in-country immersion where English is spoken widely.
  • Develop expertise in a business discipline with electives and in-demand functional specializations.
  • Gain from professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Network with Moore School MBA alumni from across the globe.
  • Achieve success with a customized career development program providing you with access to top recruiters.

An Integrated Understanding of International Business

The Moore School offers an innovative process in which candidates are completely immersed in a rigorous MBA curriculum, enrolled in intensive language courses and then challenged to apply all the concepts they have learned to the successful implementation of an extensive experience abroad.

  • Gain expertise focused on best practices across traditional business functions.
  • Analyze comparative institutional differences through an ethnographic perspective.
  • Develop an understanding of global strategic issues.
  • Examine the context in which global business operates.
  • Pursue language acquisition through a language module and in-country immersion or pursue additional international business expertise through the global track and in-country immersion.

International MBA Language Tracks

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

The International MBA language tracks give you three options of languages to pursue. Candidates who desire new language acquisition will take beginner Language 1 courses. Candidates who demonstrate language capability to waive Language 1 are able to take an additional functional core course. Those who have the highest capabilities and waive Language 2 may take an additional elective course in the fall. To round out the language training in an immersive environment, the final language courses will be taken in an international location where the language is spoken widely.

International MBA Global Track

The International MBA global track will be for students who do not wish to learn a second language, but still desire to build global business expertise. Candidates who choose the global track will, in place of a new language, take additional functional  courses or international business courses. To round out their global immersion, they will pursue business courses at a Moore School partner institution in a foreign location where English is spoken widely.