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Darla Moore School of Business

Financing Your MACC

There are four types of merit-based financial awards for full-time Master of Accountancy students: fellowships, MACC Scholars awards, other financial awards and graduate assistant positions. Exceptional applicants may receive a combination of awards.

Federal loan programs are available to graduate business students through the USC Student Financial Aid Office. The priority deadline to apply is late February or early March. For details, call 803-777-8134.

International students should visit International Students Services for additional information concerning funding opportunities.

Fellowship Awards

Fellowships are the largest awards provided by the MACC program. For 2014-15, individual student awards ranged from $3,500 to $11,340. Fellowship recipients typically qualify for other merit-based awards such as our MACC Scholars award and graduate assistant positions.

Fellowships are awarded at our Decision in a Day event(s) to top incoming MACC students. The selection criteria for these highly competitive awards include leadership potential based on academic background, GMAT scores, community service and extracurricular activities. All students attending our Decision in a Day events are automatically considered for fellowship awards.

Fellowships awarded to MACC students include:

  • Dixon Hughes Goodman Fellowship(s)
  • Elliott Davis Decosimo Fellowship(s)
  • Ernst and Young Fellowship(s)
  • Putnam Fellowship(s)
  • Fluor Fellowship(s)
  • Muse Memorial Fellowship(s)
  • Cramer Fellowship
  • Tax Exec Fellowship(s)
  • Caroline Strobel Fellowship(s)

The USC MACC Scholars Program

The MACC Scholars program rewards students for their excellent performance in their undergraduate studies and on the GMAT exam. Qualifying students automatically receive an award package of either a $2,000 fellowship for South Carolina residents, or a $500 fellowship paired with an additional award of $15,090 (for 2015-16 academic year) to cover the difference between in-state and out-of-state program fee rates for South Carolina non-residents. 

New MACC students receive the MACC Scholars award package by meeting all of the following requirements at the end of their next-to-last semester of undergraduate studies:

  • A minimum GMAT score of 570
  • A minimum 3.40 GPA in each of the following categories: overall or most recent 60 hours attempted (whichever is higher), business core prerequisites and upper-level accounting prerequisites.

USC Columbia students receive a waiver of the GMAT requirement upon meeting the GPA requirements.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for the MACC Scholars program, please contact us.

Other Financial Awards

All students admitted to the MACC program are automatically considered for other financial awards. These merit-based awards vary per individual based on student academic performance, community service and extracurricular activities, GMAT scores, and other factors. Awards consist of either fellowship awards (beginning at $250 per semester) or awards to reduce a non-resident's program fee rates to the South Carolina resident rate (beginning at $6,036 per semester). The selection process for these awards is ongoing, with availability depending on the number of qualified admitted students and remaining funds to be allocated. To maximize your opportunity to receive other financial awards, we encourage you to complete your application as soon as possible.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate assistant positions consist of either working with faculty as teaching assistants or serving as recitation leaders for principles accounting classes. Both positions require working 10 hours per week. Graduate assistants receive a per-semester stipend of $2,000 and an award to reduce non-resident program fee rates to the South Carolina resident rate. We traditionally award 16 to 24 graduate assistant positions per semester. Graduate assistant positions are offered based on student academic performance, community service and extracurricular activities, GMAT scores and other factors. The selection process for these positions is ongoing, with availability depending on the number of qualified admitted students.

Other Resources Available for Financing your MACC

University of South Carolina Resources

USC Graduate School Fellowships and Awards: The Graduate School offers a range of fellowships and merit-based awards to attract and support outstanding graduate students, including the award-winning Presidential Fellowship. In addition, we offer travel grants to encourage and support student presentation of research at professional meetings nationally and internationally.

USC Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs: The Office of Fellowships and Scholar Programs was established in 1994 to provide innovative educational initiatives for exceptional students. The staff facilitates the pursuit of nationally prestigious scholarships by university students and coordinates an enhanced university experience for the Carolina and McNair Scholars.

External Accounting-Focused Resources

AICPA Legacy Scholarships via This Way to CPA: There are several scholarships awarded by the AICPA to accounting students.

AICPA This Way to CPA National Scholarship Search: This is a database of national and regional scholarships for accounting students.

SCACPA Scholarships: The South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants offers several scholarships for students either residing, receiving their education or planning on working within South Carolina. Accounting scholarships are available through the SCACPA Educational Fund and are awarded on an annual basis. Applications are due by June 1 preceding the start of the current academic year.