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News from the Moore School

Moore School freshman basketball player hopes to use language skills to start his own company

Ibrahim Famouke Doumbia is not your typical college freshman - towering over most people at 6'6", the Moore School student plans to study international business while at USC as well as play forward for South Carolina's men's basketball team.

IB students clean up Congaree National Park as part of ongoing give-back efforts

With the arrival of beautiful weather here in South Carolina, it's no surprise that many USC students spent the weekend outside. What you might not expect is what more than 50 of the Darla Moore School of Business' international business students were doing with their sunny Saturday: picking up litter throughout Congaree National Park.

Professor incorporates world exploration into strategic management classes

"I can go places that you can't go here. You can't do these things here, and you can't take a picture of it. You can't describe these places to people. You just can't."

Moore School Center for Sales Success officially launches with five corporate partners

Since Fall 2016, the Darla Moore School of Business' Center for Sales Success (CSS) has been building partnerships and putting students through the Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) program in preparation for the center's official launch on March 1 of this year.

Moore School international business professor examines drug trade, illegal immigration in Mexico

"What happens if you impose rules that no one can comply with?" McDermott asks. "It can push those societies toward accelerated growth in crime, drug trades and illegal practices -- essentially an undermining of the institutional trade order."

Interdisciplinary master's program will help STEM students bring their business ideas to life

"No single college has all the answers. We saw a need to bring engineering and business together to empower STEM students to bring ideas to fruition and determine if they represent a potential business."

Hark family makes entrepreneurship seem easy, prioritizes encouraging students

Have you ever wondered how solving some operations problem within your business could grow into a booming business of its own? Read on to hear the Hark's story and how they use their success to give back to Moore School students.

Your Voice Matters: The Impact of User Reviews

In some instances, an objectively lower quality product could sell for more than a higher quality product from a different company because of the influence of user reviews.

Moore School team strikes gold at inaugural case competition in Ireland

Judges unanimously awarded first place to the Moore School team in the inaugural Dublin Institute of Technology International Case Competition held earlier this month.

Diversity and inclusion efforts expanding at Moore School

At the Moore School, the Student Council on Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion Alice Leri are pursuing an ambitious campaign to increase the diversity dialogue through new workshops and programs that will be introduced over the coming year.

Moore School students dominate Soda City Startup, look to continue entrepreneurial endeavors

In the age of "There's an app for that," it might be easy to give up on any creative ideas you have and assume someone else out there has already done them. But, as these two Moore School students discovered, there's always more to be done.

Morrisette family endowment allows more students to build a network studying abroad

The Morrisette family understands the importance of not only networking internationally, but also of giving back, which is why, when John Morrisette graduated from the Moore School in May 2017, they decided to donate $100,000 for a study abroad endowment.

Moore School alumnus changing the world one well at a time

Moore School IB professor talks award, importance of international study

Tatiana Kostova, Buck Mickel Chair and Professor of International Business at the Darla Moore School of Business, was recognized this past year by the university as a Carolina Distinguished Professor, one of the highest faculty honors at USC. Kostova's involvement above and beyond her requirements as a professor and her dedication to her field set her apart.

Moore School IB professor finds distinct difference in gender attitudes toward organizational commitment in India

With all the discussion surrounding gender equality today, differences between men and women sometimes get lost in the noise. When it comes to the working world, what are some of those differences and how do they impact job motivation and retention?

Continental establishes endowed chair at UofSC

$2 million grant creates professor position in operations and supply chain management

Moore School trailblazer honored with Carolina Distinguished Professorship

Tatiana Kostova, Buck Mickel Chair and Professor of International Business at the University of South Carolina's Darla Moore School of Business, has been awarded a Carolina Distinguished Professorship.

Moore School professor's research helps students with cross-cultural communication

Five years ago, Clinical Assistant Professor Kathy Langston came to the Darla Moore School of Business with a question in the back of her mind: "How can a person expect to be able to understand and communicate well with others when they don't first understand themselves?"

MACC student to become first female veteran to graduate from USC's MACC program

Many students are content to earn just one college degree before joining the working adult world, but MACC student Jacqueline Wallace has fully embraced the idea of lifelong learning.

Moore School marketing professor prioritizes mentoring, wins AMA award

As a personal mentee of each of the Williams-Qualls-Spratlen Multicultural Mentoring Award's three namesakes, Crockett was thrilled to not only win the award, but also to be doing work of a caliber worthy to receive it.

Moore School marketing professor's research finds quasi-elitist social network within consumer review communities

When you think of online communities, what comes to mind?

Moore School to host 37th Annual Economic Outlook Conference Dec. 8

The Darla Moore School of Business will hold its 37th Annual Economic Outlook Conference (EOC) Friday, Dec. 8 at the University of South Carolina.

Forbes brings top marketing professionals to Darla Moore School of Business for CMO Summit

The CMO summit, sponsored by Forbes, brings seven USC alumni -- five of whom graduated from the Moore School -- back to campus during American Marketing Association's (AMA) Marketing Week to head up panels, network with students and pass on their wisdom from experience in the marketing world.

Ingersoll Rand CEO Mike Lamach named inaugural recipient of Sustaining Leadership Award

The Sustaining Leadership Award, created by the Moore School's Center for Executive Succession, recognizes CEOs who deliver superior financial, social and reputational performance, and demonstrate a commitment to developing future organizational leadership.

Harvard Business School, Universidad EAFIT win Moore School's Page Prize for Sustainability

Harvard Business School and Universidad EAFIT are this year's grand prize winners for the Moore School's Page Prize


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