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School of Medicine Greenville


Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee

The Student Evaluation and Promotion Committee represents the faculty in making recommendations to the Dean regarding each student's continued enrollment and/or academic progress in the School of Medicine, including continuation, promotion to the next academic year, additional educational activities and support, suspension, dismissal, or any variation thereof that in the opinion of the committee is appropriate.

This committee consists of seven voting members: four elected and three ex officio (the M1 and M2 Academic Year Directors plus the Assistant Dean for Clinical Clerkship Education). Elected members serve for a term of three years with nominations coming from the Faculty Representation Committee. There are four additional ex officio members who are non-voting (including the Associate Dean for Education, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Manager of Student Affairs, and the Director of Assessment & Academic Effectiveness).

This committee meets twice every month, or as needed.


Committee Member Department Term Ends
Melissa Bailey, M.D.; Chair OBGYN 2018
Molly Benedum, M.D. Family Medicine 2019
Asa Black, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences 2020
Melissa Janse, M.D. Emergency Medicine 2018
Bill Roudebush, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences 2020
Kirk Baston, M.D. Biomedical Sciences, M2 AY Director ex officio, voting
April Buchanan, M.D. Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs ex officio, voting
Rich Goodwin, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, M1 AY Director ex officio, voting
Paul Catalana, M.D. Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions ex officio, non-voting
Maggie Wentzky Student Affairs ex officio, non-voting