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Program Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee (PEAS)

The Program Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee (PEAS) is charged with compiling and monitoring data from a variety of outcomes measures, analyzing the information, and providing recommendations to the Curriculum Committee for improved methods of teaching and/or assessment. It coordinates the collection of assessment information from individual modules/clerkships, as well as other longitudinal data to create meaningful performance reports for module, subcommittee, and Curriculum Committee review.

The Program Evaluation and Assessment Subcommittee (PEAS) is composed of six elected faculty members (four biomedical science and two clinical) and two elected student representatives. The Faculty Representation Committee (FRC) has oversight of the faculty election process. These eight members constitute the voting members of the committee.

Members from the faculty serve a term of three years, with two members rotating off the committee each year. This committee typically meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 12:00-12:50pm in the HSAB Conference Room. Chair of this committee serves ex-officio (voting) on the Curriculum Committee, which meets each month for two hours.

The student representatives on the PEAS will serve a two-year term. At the end of the M1 year, the M1 class will elect a student representative that will serve on the PEAS during their M2 and M3 years. The term will start on July 1 between the student’s M1 and M2 year.



Committee Member Department Term Ends
Bill Wright, Ph.D. - Chair Biomedical Sciences 2019
Richard Hodinka, Ph.D.  Biomedical Sciences 2017
Bill Kelly, M.D. Medicine 2017
Brian Jones Student, Class of 2018  2017
Mark Carithers, M.D. Anesthesiology 2019
Jennifer Trilk, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences 2019
Dennis Wolff, Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences 2019
Jamie Zink Student, Class of 2019 


Jim Sullivan  Student, Class of 2020



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