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School of Medicine Greenville


Appointment & Promotion Committee for Non-Tenure Track Faculty, Clinical Departments

The Appointment and Promotion Committee implements appointment and promotion procedures and criteria for non-tenure-track clinical faculty, reviews candidates as appropriate for appointment to new faculty positions and reviews current faculty for consideration of promotion in rank.

The committee consists of up to one representative from each department including Biomedical Sciences, nominated by department chairs. The members shall be elected for three years. The committee will meet monthly.



Committee Member Department Term Ends
 Bruce Lessey, M.D., Chair  ObGyn  2018
 Gary Abrams, M.D.  Medicine  2018
 Irfan Asif, M.D.  Family Medicine  2017
 David Cull, M.D.  Surgery    2017
 John Gilpin, M.D.  Radiology  
 Richard Hodinka, Ph.D.  Biomedical Sciences  2017
 Kyle Jeray, M.D.  Orthopedics  2017
 Jonathan Markowitz, M.D.  Pediatrics  2018
Robert Best, Ph.D.,
Ex Officio (non-voting)
 Pediatrics  2018
 Eunice Peterson, M.D.  Psychiatry  2018
 Ron Pirrallo, M.D.  Emergency Medicine  2019