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School of Medicine Greenville


Academic Council

The Academic Council, appointed and chaired by the Dean and co-chaired by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Diversity, meets monthly and is composed of all Academic Vice Chairs, Biomedical Sciences Chair, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, and GHS campus senior clinical and administrative leadership. Members serve on this council because of their role in the health system and the medical school. The House Staff President serves a one year role and is appointed to this committee by the Dean.

The Academic Council is the primary coordinating body for academic resource allocation and the clinical learning environment. This Council is advisory to the GHS Resource Council and serves all academic programs/governing bodies of the GHS Clinical University. Department Vice Chairs provide a report regarding their departmental faculty activities and chairs of standing committees will regularly report their activities to the Academic Council to promote awareness of the work of the committees.

The Academic Council also provides strategic direction for the USCSOM Greenville, including the promotion of interdisciplinary educational and research activity.

The Academic Council is responsible for the clinical learning environment, which includes six domains (patient safety, duty hour of faculty and trainees, hand-offs, quality improvement, supervision of trainees and professionalism). The following four subcommittees have been established to ensure a vibrant learning environment for the medical school:

  1. Patient Safety/Quality
  2. Professionalism/Supervision
  3. Transition of Care/Work Hours
  4. Resource Budget


View The Academic Council Roster [pdf]



Name Department Role
Jerry Youkey, M.D. Dean, USCSOMG
Council Chair
Spence Taylor, M.D. President, Greenville Health System
Council Co-Chair
Irfan Asif, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Family Medicine Voting
Thomas Blackwell, M.D. Assistant Dean, Longitudinal Clinical Education Voting
Robert Best, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs Voting
Edward Bray, M.D. Associate Dean, GME/DIO Voting
Laura Copeland, M.D. President, House Staff Voting
David Cull, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Surgery Voting
J. Michael Fuller, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Internal Medicine Voting
 Joy Green-Hadden, D.N.P. Executive Director, Advanced Practice Nursing Voting
Ben Griffeth, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine Voting
Rick Hodinka, Ph.D. Chair, USCSOMG Biomedical Sciences Voting
Kyle Jeray, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Orthopaedics Voting
Paul Johnson, M.H.A. Campus President, Greenville Memorial Hospital Voting
Desmond Kelly, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Paediatrics Voting
Jennifer Knight, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Pathology Voting
Steven Lowe, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Radiology Voting
Ron Pirrallo, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Emergency Medicine Voting
Mark Pruitt, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Anesthesiology Voting
Windsor Sherrill, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer Voting
Brenda Thames, Ed.D. Vice President, Academic and Faculty Affairs Voting
Thomas Wheeler, M.D. Vice Chair for Academics, Obstetrics & Gynecology Voting
Cortney Easterling Communications Non-voting
Cindy Youssef Academics Chief of Staff, GHS Non-voting


2017 Agendas



2018 Minutes