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School of Medicine Greenville

Lifestyle Medicine

The Lifestyle Medicine Distinction Track prepares future physicians to become frontline advocates for healthy lifestyle behaviors in their patients and communities through the effective application of Lifestyle Medicine principles. Students will also learn how to effectively use evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine to prevent and treat chronic diseases that include obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer.


  1. Use Lifestyle Medicine practice, tools and resources to facilitate behavior change interventions.
  2. Apply Lifestyle Medicine evidence-based literature and practice to help patients and their families manage and sustain behavior change.
  3. Evaluate processes and patient’s outcomes to improve effectiveness of patient care using Lifestyle Medicine.
  4. Develop quality improvement initiatives in Lifestyle Medicine for patient care.
  5. Care for patients through collaboration with a Lifestyle Medicine-focused, inter-professional team


Curriculum Overview:

M1: “Cura te ipsum
  • Culinary Medicine
  • Health Track
  • Harvesting Health and Hope
  • Plan Classroom-to-Community Project
  • Journal Club
M2: Classroom to Community
  • Implement project

  • Initiate capstone project

  • Journal Club

M3: Lifestyle Medicine Best Practices
  • Complete ACLM/ACPM Core Competencies Curriculum online program
  • Peer-to-peer teaching
  • Complete Family Medicine LM elective
  • Submit capstone/classroom-to-community project to national or regional conference
  • Journal Club
M4: Scholarly Activity
  • Present project/paper/poster