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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

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Areas of Study

Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

What we manufacture is happiness and quality family time. How wonderful is it that we can be part of an industry that creates such wonderful memories and helps people lead fuller lives?

– Dr. Scott Smith, HRTM

Ranked No. 9 nationally by the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Education, this program is fueled by passionate men and women who love to create memories. These industry professionals provide services that allow guests to experience comfort, togetherness, excitement and adventure. And because tourism is also the #1 industry in South Carolina, these industries collectively represent endless career and employment opportunities for our students.

Roles and Responsibilities

From marketing to finance, guest relations to scheduling, it takes an army to bring all of the details together. Someone needs to lead that army, and fortunately you’ll be prepared to take charge.

While the hotel, restaurant and tourism industries each offer unique career opportunities and environments — a wedding and special events planner at an exquisite resort, a purchasing manager for the supplies of a major hotel chain or perhaps a catering manager in the intimate setting of a private club — they are often combined to create one cohesive experience. When you think of a cruise ship or a Las Vegas hotel and casino, many of the functions overlap and must work together seamlessly for customers to be completely satisfied. That's why understanding the underlying business concepts is a huge advantage!

Internship Requirement

The HRTM program requires two internship experiences prior to graduation. The first experience can be any job in the industry of your major, and is typically taken during your sophomore year. Your second experience — generally completed during your junior or senior year — is your opportunity to take on more responsibility in a managerial or supervisory position, so you will graduate with leadership experience already under your belt.

Degree Programs

Four HRTM degrees are available, including two undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees. A focus in meeting and event management is available to those students who would like to further specialize. Hospitality management majors may also choose a club management concentration.