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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management


As a graduate student, you can enhance your academic experience while working alongside HRSM faculty and staff by teaching and conducting research, as well as providing other necessary support.

There are a limited number of opportunities within each area of study that have been created specifically for graduate students to earn extra money and, in some cases, receive discounted tuition.

How to Apply for Graduate Assistantships

There is an item on the online application form on which you can indicate your desire to be considered for an assistantship. Indicating yes on this item is all that needs to be done in order to apply for an assistantship.

Graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. Students awarded a graduate assistantship will assist with research, teaching and/or other departmental tasks in exchange for a stipend. Stipend rates vary each academic year. In addition to the stipend, out-of-state students awarded a graduate assistantship may receive in-state student tuition rates.

Financial Aid Deadlines and Additional Information

It is important to note that deadlines for financial aid other than departmental graduate assistantships may differ from application deadlines for academic programs. For information about deadlines or the availability of other forms of financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.