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College of Engineering and Computing

Electrical Engineering

Our People

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your development as a competent electrical engineer. They teach so that you can learn, they research so that the frontiers of electrical engineering are pushed outwards every day, and they and they provide service to the profession, the state, and the nation so that all of these can benefit from the new electrical and electronic technologies they have developed.

Academic Faculty

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Roger Dougal ( Chair, Carolina Distinguished Professor )

Dr. Dougal leads the Power and Energy Systems research group, which tackles complex and often interdisciplinary problems in energy conversion.

Mohammod Ali

Mohammod Ali (Professor)

Dr. Ali's research focuses on conformal antennas, multifunctional materials and structures, and wireless sensing methods and technology.  

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Seongtae Bae (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Bae's research interests are focused on 1) magnetic nanofluid hyperthermia and its clinical applications, 2) magnetic(ferrite) nanoparticles/nanofluids for nano-theranostics in nanomedicine, 3) magnetically-labeled point-care-of biosensors, 3) in vivo & in-vitro magnetic based biosensors/bioMEMS, 4) extremely low frequency nanomagnetic biomedical devices and medical instrumentation for neural engineering and neuromodulation, and 5) Nanostructure spintronics materials/devices for advanced electronics and energy sustainability

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Andrea Benigni (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Benigni’s Areas of Specialization are Modeling and Simulation methods for multi-physics, multi-domain systems; Control and Estimation methods for power systems applications 

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MVS Chandrashekhar (Associate Professor)

Dr. Chandrashekhar has focused his research towards novel, low cost, fast energy payback solutions to sustainable energy production, including dye-sensitized solar cells from SiC & GaN powders, photolytic/ photoelectrochemical hydrogen production as well as nanoelectronic materials such as graphene and SiC for electrical power management, sensing and emissions monitoring. 

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Yinchao Chen (Associate Professor)

Dr. Chen's current research interests include Signal integrity for high speed circuits, multi-band mobile handset printed inverted-F antennas (PIFAs) and base station antenna arrays, RF, millimeter-wave, and microwave integrated circuits printed on multi-layer GaN based substrates, Bioelectromagnetic applications, Large target scattering RCS prediction using higher-order, efficient Maxwell’s solvers, Wireless signal coverage study by using the PSTD MRTD approaches

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Herbert Ginn (Associate Professor)

Dr. Ginn's areas of specialization are Power electronics applications in energy systems, power phenomena and compensation in non-sinusoidal systems, and power quality

Paul Huray

Paul Huray (Professor)

Professor Huray's background is in Physics and he is the author of Maxwell's Equations and The Foundations of Signal Integrity. His long term research interests are associated with using the physics of materials to solve barriers to higher frequency circuits with industry partners. 

Asif Khan

Asif Khan ( Carolina Distinguished Professor)

  Dr. Khan is Director of the Photonics and Microelectronics Laboratory. His research work is three-fold: Develop ultraviolet and visible high power solid-state light-emitting diodes and lasers using AlInGaN multiple quantum wells; Develop AlInGaN based high-power, high frequency microwave transistors using innovative material designs and processing techniques; and Develop AlInGaN based photodetectors  

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Krishna Mandal (Associate Professor)

Dr. Mandal’s specializations and research interests include Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Thin Film Device Fabrication and Characterization, Crystal Growth of Binary and Ternary Semiconductors and Scintillators, Solid-state Nuclear Detectors, THz Sensors and Detectors, and Diode-pumped Solid-State Mid- and LW-IR Lasers 

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David Matolak (Professor)

Professor Matolak’s specializations and research interests include Wireless Channel Characterization, Ad Hoc Communication Networks, Modulation/Detection PHY/MAC, Random Process Modeling, and Electromagnetics Modeling

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Enrico Santi (Associate Professor)

Dr. Santi's long-term research interests are in the area of power electronics. 

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Grigory Simin (Professor)

Professor Simin's research interests include Wide bandgap materials and devices; III-Nitride power microwave devices and ICs 

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Guoan Wang (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Wang's research interests include Smart RF passives/systems: MEMS based RF components/systems, on-chip tunable RF components/systems, High performance on-chip components characterization and process optimization; MEMS/NEMS and their RF and Bio-medical applications; Novel materials and their mmwave applications; 3D IC and system integration 

Xiaofeng Wang

Xiaofeng Wang (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Wang's research interests include Networked Real-Time Control Systems; Fault-Tolerant Control; Cooperative Control; Optimization; System Verification; Nonlinear System Design

Bin Zhang

Bin Zhang (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Zhang’s areas of specialization include Prognostics and health management, which covers fault detection and isolation, failure prognosis, and fault tolerance; Robotics, unmanned systems, electromechanics, and industrial electronics; Intelligent systems and control; Dynamic systems, design, modeling, simulation and control


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