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College of Education

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Graduate Degrees

Our graduate degree programs prepare you to make an impact in the world of education through rigorous course work, extensive practical experiences, and advanced research and learning opportunities.

Graduate Degree Programs

Area of Study Degrees

Art Education

Art Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)

Counselor Education

Counselor Education, Ed.S. (Clinical Mental Health)
Counselor Education, Ed.S. (Marriage & Family)
Counselor Education, Ed.S. (School Counseling)
Counselor Education, Ph.D.
Certificate of Graduate Study in Counselor Education (Career Development Facilitator)
Certificate of Graduate Study in Play Therapy
Minor in Counseling

Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
(Advanced Teaching Studies)

Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. (Curriculum Studies concentration)
Teaching, M.Ed.
Teaching and Learning, Ph.D.

Educational Foundations and Inquiry

Certificate of Graduate Study in Qualitative Research
Foundations of Education, Ph.D.

Educational Research and Measurement

Educational Psychology and Research, M.Ed.
Educational Psychology and Research, Ph.D.

Educational Technology

Curriculum and Instruction Ed.D (Ed Tech concentration)
Educational Technology, M.Ed.

Elementary Education

Elementary Education, M.A.T. (2-6 Certification)

Foreign Language Education

Foreign Language, M.A.T (P-12 Certification)

Higher Education Administration

Educational Administration, Ph.D.
Higher Education & Student Affairs, M.Ed.
Certificate of Graduate Study in Higher Education Leadership

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy, M.Ed.
Language and Literacy, Ph.D.

Music Education

Music Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)

Physical Education

Physical Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)
Physical Education, Ph.D.

School Leadership

Educational Administration, Ed.S.
Educational Administration, M.Ed.
Educational Administration, Ph.D.

Secondary Education

English, M.A.T. (9-12 Certification)
Mathematics, M.A.T. (9-12 Certification)
Sciences, M.A.T. (9-12 Certification)
Secondary Education, M.T. (9-12 Certification)
Social Studies, M.A.T. (9-12 Certification)

Special Education

Special Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)
Special Education, M.Ed.
Special Education, Ph.D.

Theatre Education

Theatre Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)