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College of Education

Counselor Education, Ed.S. (School Counseling)

What will I study?

The Ed.S. School Counseling track consists of 66 credit hours and prepares you to work in K-12 educational settings as a counselor of diverse students and their families. The coursework is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to collaborate with parents, teachers, school administrators, and other mental health professionals to promote holistic well-being and academic success among all students. The curriculum meets CACREP accreditation standards and South Carolina school counselor certification requirements.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

Our graduates typically work in K-12 public and private schools. School counselors focus on students’ academic, career/postsecondary, and social/emotional development through individual, small group, and large group counseling interventions. The coursework also prepares students to work as school leaders who support a positive learning environment and are able to analyze the effectiveness of their interventions.


Typical course work

For additional information about specific curriculum and requirements, please visit the academic bulletin.

Area A: Core Courses (33 Credits)

EDCE 510       Introduction to Counseling (3)

EDCE 600       Communication Skills in Counseling (3)

EDCE 700       Cross-Cultural Counseling (3)

EDCE 702       Counselor as Consultant (3)

EDCE 706       Assessment in Counseling (3)

EDCE 707       Career Development (3)

EDCE 710       Professional, Legal, & Ethical Issues in Counseling (3)

EDCE 720       Theories of Counseling (3)

EDCE 722       Group Procedures in Counseling (3)

sychopathology & Diagnosis

NPSY 757          Psychopathology for Counselors (3)

NPSY 758          Classification & Assessment (3)


Area B:  Specialization Courses (6 Credits)

EDCE 708:      Critical Issues in School Counseling (3)

EDCE 712:      Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling (3)


Area C:  Clinical Preparation Courses (6 Credits)

EDCE 721:  Techniques of Counseling (3)

EDCE 801:  Advanced Techniques in School Counseling (3)


Area D:  Human Growth & Development (3 credits)

EDPY 705         Human Growth & Development


Area E: Research (3 credits)

EDRM 700        Introduction to Research (3)


Area F: Clinical Courses (9 credits)

EDCE 802E or 802S - Elementary or Secondary School Counseling Practicum
EDCE 805E or 805S - Elementary or Secondary School Counseling Internship

Area G:  Electives (6 credits)