Secure Carolina

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revised 29-April-2015

SecureCarolina will greatly improve the state of information security at the University of South Carolina, by challenging all University personnel to enact bold improvements in University information systems and processes.

SecureCarolina will achieve its goals by continuing development of the university's Information Security Program, which will...

  1. Govern and regularly refine information security policy, and integrate improvements into university practices across all campuses and departments.
  2. Continually assess and manage information security risk at the University, through security operations and auditing processes.
  3. Implement a plan for information security awareness training for university personnel.

University Information Security Office
Audit and Advisory Services

Data Stewards
Enterprise IT

all campuses
all colleges
all schools
all departments

The scope of the SecureCarolina project is to reduce the risk to all university IT assets.

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Establish Website
Determine viability of Data Trustee / Steward for personal information
Approve Data Access and Security Policies, Requirements and Procedures
Complete phase I of server and computer hardware security

Establish new security training and certification standards
Submit draft Privacy Policy to executive leadership.
Initiate security awareness training for end users.
Establish process to discover, assess, and address existing risks in university assets.
Establish process for review of information security and privacy policies, standards, and procedures.
Complete Phase II of server and computer hardware security.
Develop strategy for identifying significant IT Risk in the university Annual Audit Plan
Establish a Multi-Factor Authentication service
Implement procedure for improved monitoring and scanning of critical systems
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