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  NSF: High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Continuing the Building of a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering NSF 14-536

The current solicitation is intended to complement previous NSF investments in advanced computational infrastructure by exploring new and creative approaches to delivering computational resources to the scientific community.

Competitive proposals must address one or more of the following:

Complementing existing XD capabilities with new types of computational resources attuned to less traditional computational science communities;
Incorporating innovative and reliable services within the HPC environment to deal with complex and dynamic workflows that contribute significantly to the advancement of science and are difficult to achieve within XD;
Introducing new, flexible, and highly usable capabilities such as cloud computing into XD to meet national-scale requirements for new modes of computationally intensive scientific research;
Introducing new capabilities and/or reaching new communities by establishing novel, highly usable connections to other non-XD parts of the national cyberinfrastructure. For example, these might include connections to other domain-specific centers housing software, sensors or instrument data thus enabling new advances in computational science;
Exploring new effective modes of engagement with campus cyberinfrastructure;
Expanding the range of computationally challenging science and engineering applications that can be tackled with current XD resources. Again ease of access and usability are critical; and
Providing reliable approaches to scientific communities needing a flexible and user friendly environment. This can be achieved in a variety of ways and the proposal should explicitly provide details on how that would be achieved by their approach.

USC may only submit one application in response to this program announcement. Your application submission MUST be coordinated with the Office of the Vice President for Research. Please send a two page abstract via email to Richard White ( by April 9, 2013. In addition to the 2-page abstract, you should also submit a biosketch for the PI.

NSF indicates that a letter of intent is NOT required and a full proposal is due by May 14, 2014. For more information:
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