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Leadership Highlights
  • Are Are You Spurred to Lead?
  • Why Leadership?
    By Kirk A. Randazzo, Director of the Carolina Leadership Initiative

    2015-2016 Faculty Grant Proposals
    The Center for Teaching Excellence, in collaboration with the Carolina Leadership Initiative, solicits applications for participation in this competitive grant program to strengthen leadership education in courses taught at USC. Applications are welcomed not only from faculty who teach explicitly leadership-themed courses but also from those who would like to incorporate a leadership-related experience of some sort in a course that they teach. To apply, submit the attached Cover Sheet, Budget, a one to three page proposal, and a current CV.
    Completed applications should be received by May 30, 2015
    in the Center for Teaching Excellence, Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, or sent electronically to cte@sc.edu.  
  • Future Leaders Project Contest The South Carolina Dialogue Foundation (SCDF) would like to invite you to participate in the Future Leaders Project Contest. They have offered similar contests to middle and high school students, and are pleased to now expand to include college students.The contest offers first and second place winners trips to Turkey, a life changing event that should not be missed. We encourage all college students to take the opportunity to enter the contest. Please see their website for additional information.
  • University Forum: Carolina Leadership Initiative
    On Wednesday, November 5th, Dr. Randazzo, Director of the Carolina Leadership Initiative, discussed the future of the program an the state of leadership programs at the last University Forum of the semester. Additionally leadership scholar Ann-Marie Nunziata and faculty grant recipient Karen Mallia spoke about their current work with the Carolina Leadership Initiative. If you were unable to view the presentation, it was recorded to be shared with all of USC's campuses and can be viewed accessed here.
  • Minor in Leadership Studies
    Are you a student at the University of South Carolina interested in leadership development and action? The Minor in Leadership Studies housed in the Department of Political Science introduces students to a range of perspectives and models of leadership. These diverse approaches provide knowledge and skills to assist students in promoting positive social change. Academic leadership training and the hands-on practice of leadership provide the foundation for successful leadership development. Learn more about this opportunity in the undergraduate studies bulletin.
  • Graduate with Leadership Distinction
    Advancing leadership is an important component of the University of South Carolina's role as the flagship university of South Carolina and its dedication to educating the future leaders of SC, the nation, and the world. Students graduating with Leadership Distinction demonstrate extensive, purposeful engagement beyond the classroom; understanding of course concepts in "real world" settings; and application of learning to make decisions and solve problems: Cornerstones of USC Connect.
  • Connect with CLI
    Check out the new pages for the Carolina Leadership Initiative now on Facebook and Twitter. We understand the importance of rapid information distribution, and hope that these new pages will provide and outlet to present students with up to date information about current leadership opportunities on campus and in the community.
  • View Past Leadership Highlights
  • Click here to learn about other leadership happenings on the USC campus.

Leadership Opportunities The University of South Carolina provides a very wide range of programs and opportunities for developing leadership skills, including undergraduate research programs, study abroad opportunities, coursework, service projects, and student organizations.
  • Are You Leadership Ready in the Classroom?
    USC offers a number of curricular opportunities for developing knowledge and skills related to leadership.  We are currently exploring the creation of a minor in Leadership Studies and performing an inventory of our many courses related to leadership.  We have compiled a list of university websites that provide information about many of our curricular offerings.
  • Are You Leadership Ready for Student Governance and Activities?
    The Division of Student Affairs provides a host of opportunities for leadership development, including the Student Leadership and Diversity Conference (SLDC), the Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) retreat, the Leadership Resource Center and library, the USC Service Leadership Institute, the Emerging Leaders certification program (ELP), and numerous recognition programs for outstanding student leadership.  See the Student Affairs Leadership Programs website for more information. 
  • Are You Leadership Ready for International Activities?
    USC’s International Programs office facilitates study-abroad programs and other opportunities for students and faculty to gain leadership skills through cross-cultural collaboration.
  • Are You Leadership Ready for Living and Learning with Your Classmates?
    USC has a number of dynamic living and learning programs that promote leadership skills among students.

For more information, contact:

Ryan Day
Graduate Assistant, Carolina Leadership Initiative
Phone: 803-777-1673
Email: rday@email.sc.edu
Office: Gambrell Hall, Room 330

Last Updated: April 4, 2014.

About the Program

Welcome to the website of the Carolina Leadership Initiative. Our goals are three-fold:
  • to promote a vision for leadership development on the USC campus;
  • to serve as a focal point and clearinghouse for information about leadership opportunities; and
  • to catalyze the creation of new projects on campus related to leadership.
All our activities are designed to help students develop the motivation and the skills to make a positive difference in their local communities, throughout the state of South Carolina, and around our nation and world.

Wherever you want to pursue leadership development - in coursework, student governance, undergraduate research, internships, or international experiences - USC has opportunities for you. Our new Leadership Scholars program provides an especially exciting opportunity for students to pursue projects that benefit our university and community while networking with likeminded students and learning about cutting-edge scholarship on leadership.

Please join us in making a difference for the public good!