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  1. Trivia Tuesday: USC Observatory

    Melton Memorial Observatory was completed in 1928 and is one of the most architecturally distinct buildings on campus. On clear Monday nights, it is open to the public and the telescopes may be used free of charge or... Read More
  2. Trivia Tuesday: USC Ring Ceremony

    The Ring Ceremony has become a milestone at the University of South Carolina, second only to commencement. At the very core of USC’s shared values is an intangible link between past and future. These shared values... Read More
  3. Trivia Tuesday: Cocky’s Reading Express

    Cocky's Reading Express is hitting the road for the holidays. As part of the Outback Bowl parade on New Year's Eve and a visit to the library, University of South Carolina student volunteers, staff members and Cocky... Read More
  4. Trivia Tuesday: Commencement Countdown

    University of South Carolina commencement traditions have come and gone over the years — with the tradition of commencement on the Horseshoe ending in 1969 upon the opening of the Coliseum, then relocating to... Read More
  5. Trivia Tuesday: The New Carolinian

    Perhaps you read it to stay connected to the university and the latest USC news or maybe you read it to keep up with your classmates. Well, one thing you will notice is a new look in your mailbox this week if you're a... Read More
  6. Trivia Tuesday: ‘Tis the Season!

    Holiday cheer debuts on campus tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 6 p.m., with the 58th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Come join the USC community and enjoy the festivities, refreshments and carolers. Traditionally held on... Read More
  7. Trivia Tuesday: Tigerburn

    One of the university’s oldest traditions, Tigerburn, is a fun event that springs from a very serious incident. It all began one year when the Carolina football team defeated a highly favored Clemson team 12-6. Be... Read More
  8. Trivia Tuesday: Cocky’s Homecoming Date

    Each year at the Homecoming football game, as Cocky magically appears on the field in a cloud of smoke during 2001, his girlfriend runs out to greet him on the field. Today’s Trivia Tuesday question surrounds this... Read More
  9. Trivia Tuesday: Horseshoe Bricks

    The USC Horseshoe has been the heart and soul of the University of South Carolina since its earliest days. We all know this historic center dons the names of some of Carolina's greatest, but do you know the origin of... Read More