Tag: passion

  1. As a Gamecock, my determination has No Limits.

    Justin Dunham is always moving. A former high school athlete, he’s conditioned to make quick turns, think on his feet and motivate. His determination permeates the Earth Science classroom and his students. They jump... Read More
  2. As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits.

    The feel of the ball as it leaves her hands, the familiar spin of its flight and the swish as it goes through the net have been a part of Shelbretta “Brett” Ball’s life since she was five. But even before she... Read More
  3. As a Gamecock, my goals have No Limits.

    The soccer pitch can be a battlefield: slide tackles, shoves, attacks and counterattacks. You might think that wouldn’t appeal to someone like Kevin Stam, who’s practiced nonviolence all his life. But Kevin’s a... Read More
  4. As Gamecocks, our imagination has No Limits.

    A pirate’s haven, a mystery solved and the dream of playing in the big leagues were a natural part of Tommy Preston’s childhood. He couldn’t live with the idea that so many kids never experience the magical... Read More
  5. As a Gamecock, my community has No Limits.

    After his great-grandmother’s death, Wilyem Cain lost his way. But a gap-toothed grin and an outreached hand stopped his fall. When that seven-year-old asked to be his friend, the USC student realized his life could... Read More
  6. As a Gamecock, my compassion has No Limits.

    The dust, smell, poverty and, most of all, women and children touched Amy Woodell’s soul. She knew she had to do something — anything — to make life better in Zambia. So she returned to USC and founded Clothed... Read More