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  1. As a Gamecock, my motivation has No Limits.

    Day after day, Melissa Moss watched her mother care for her aging grandfather – a once vibrant man. When he could no longer remember her name, the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease became real to her. Sparing... Read More
  2. As a Gamecock, my goals have No Limits.

    The soccer pitch can be a battlefield: slide tackles, shoves, attacks and counterattacks. You might think that wouldn’t appeal to someone like Kevin Stam, who’s practiced nonviolence all his life. But Kevin’s a... Read More
  3. As a Gamecock, my community has No Limits.

    After his great-grandmother’s death, Wilyem Cain lost his way. But a gap-toothed grin and an outreached hand stopped his fall. When that seven-year-old asked to be his friend, the USC student realized his life could... Read More