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  1. As a Gamecock, my focus has No Limits

    The soil at Belle Chase is dark, wet and sticky. It’s rich and fertile. And for generations this part of the Mississippi Delta was the “Land of Cotton.” For good and bad it was king. Today, the rows of thorny... Read More
  2. As a Gamecock, my innovation has No Limits.

    There is a squeezing sensation in your chest; nausea and cold sweat soon follow. Is it a heart attack or last night’s dinner? Should you call 911? One day, you may not need to. USC electrical engineer Guoan Wang... Read More
  3. As a Gamecock, my inspiration has No Limits.

    USC Piano Professor is Learning from His Students The students might have poor eyesight. Talking may be difficult. And loud noises upset tehm. Scott Price knows learning music is hard, but he is honored to give piano... Read More