There are No Limits to the opportunities you have at the University of South Carolina. See how other USC students are using their experience here to change the world. This is your chance to tell us how your internships, community service projects, study abroad experiences or research activities have changed you and the world around you. What's your No Limits story?

  1. As a Gamecock, my search has No Limits.

    “Get in the car,” his father yelled. “We’re leaving now.” May 3, 1999 is a day Kevin Ash can’t forget. The teenager’s family escaped, but others weren’t so lucky. Thirty-six people died and the 300 mph... Read More
  2. As a Gamecock, my ambition has No Limits.

    A paper manufacturing co-op can be intimidating to an undergraduate engineer. It’s a mega-machinery, hard hats, safety vests and steel-toe shoes type of environment. But while working at a leading paper producer in... Read More
  3. As Gamecocks, life has No Limits.

    She's held human skulls, located body parts, worked in morgues, autopsy labs and at crime scenes. But Brittany Walter's real curiousity is taking her far beyond the medical examiner's office to places like an early... Read More
  4. As a Gamecock, my resilience has No Limits.

    The feel of the ball as it leaves her hands, the familiar spin of its flight and the swish as it goes through the net have been a part of Shelbretta “Brett” Ball’s life since she was five. But even before she... Read More
  5. As a Gamecock, my drive has No Limits.

    A love of basketball, a passion for science and unforgettable mentors have shaped Serge Afeli’s life. As a Division I student athlete, he learned quickly that winning was more than points on a scoreboard; it’s... Read More
  6. As a Gamecock, my goals have No Limits.

    The soccer pitch can be a battlefield: slide tackles, shoves, attacks and counterattacks. You might think that wouldn’t appeal to someone like Kevin Stam, who’s practiced nonviolence all his life. But Kevin’s a... Read More
  7. As a Gamecock, my community has No Limits.

    After his great-grandmother’s death, Wilyem Cain lost his way. But a gap-toothed grin and an outreached hand stopped his fall. When that seven-year-old asked to be his friend, the USC student realized his life could... Read More