There are No Limits to the opportunities you have at the University of South Carolina. See how other USC students are using their experience here to change the world. This is your chance to tell us how your internships, community service projects, study abroad experiences or research activities have changed you and the world around you. What's your No Limits story?

  1. How I Created My Own Business as a USC Student: Laura Grove Design

    This story was created by the HRSM school faculty, and was filmed and edited by Ryal Curtis. He asks a series of questions regarding my jewelry business I started as a Freshman at the University of South Carolina. Now... Read More
  2. My appreciation has No Limits.

    Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, I was somewhat sheltered before going to college. When I moved into my dorm at Maxcy my freshman year, I immediately met and became friends with a large group of diverse... Read More
  3. No Limits to Life

    To me, No Limits means being a first generation college student. It means going the extra mile, giving 110%, always striving for excellence; providing encouragement to others and remaining positive and poised even in... Read More
  4. Heels on the Hill: getting college women involved in politics

    After working for Governor Nikki Haley, I learned that South Carolina ranks last for women in politics. For my senior thesis, I set out to find why this gender disparity in elected office exists– and I found... Read More
  5. The Right Fit

    I came to USC for graduate school because I wanted to use engineering creatively. USC allows me to learn and investigate unestablished frontiers in my field of interest chemical engineering, while earning a PhD. I... Read More
  6. A new page in my life book

    Its all about the time , when i started my studies at USC as a graduate student, i came to know, i can do anything, i can find my way to reach my required destinations, there is no one in this world who can stop me,... Read More
  7. Gamecock Spirit Has No Limits

    From the first step I took, I felt the immense Gamecock spirit that radiated from campus. Not long after I made my decision to attend USC, I saw the same Gamecock spirit in my home state of North Carolina –... Read More