Trivia Tuesday: USC Ring Ceremony

USC Ring Ceremony

President Harris Pastides presented 170 students with their official University of South Carolina rings at a ceremony Sunday on the historic Horseshoe.

The USC Ring Ceremony has become a milestone at the University of South Carolina, second only to commencement. At the very core of USC’s shared values is an intangible link between past and future. These shared values and traditions, along with Carolina’s unique characteristics, are passed on with each graduating class like a ring that comes full circle.

The official ring stands as a symbol of our eternal affiliation with the university. It carries the seal of the University of South Carolina and is inscribed with the university’s motto which, translated from Latin, states, “Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel.”

Trivia Tuesday:
Be the first to answer this week’s trivia question correctly in the comments to receive a No Limits t-shirt. When was the first USC ring ceremony held?