As a Gamecock, my southern hospitality has no limits

Growing up in the Midwest, I was immediately struck by the beautiful spirit of hospitality and graciousness I encountered when I moved to SC in 1978. It is a powerful marketing tool and when practiced each day, transforms the way we work with, serve, and enjoy everyone we encounter; the best part is that practicing Southern hospitality impacts both the giver and the receiver of this beautiful gift. This sense of graciousness is a unique marker of the South and is something we strive to practice each and every day at the Visitor Center, and believe me, it is noticed by the hundreds of visitors who enter our campus on a daily basis. As the director of our Visitor Center, we spend a significant amount of time training on how to deliver exceptional customer service with a genuine flair of Southern hospitality. I am blessed with a fabulous staff who believe that our passion to extend a welcome and Southern hospitality has NO LIMITS. After almost 35 years in South Carolina, I now call myself a Southern (hope this is okay to those Southerns by birth) and strive to enrich each encounter with anyone who walks onto our campus with not only great service but also with warm Southern hospitality. Each time I do so, I hope I have impacted a future friend of this proud Gamecock Nation but I also know that part of the joy in extending Southern grace and hospitality impacts me as well! A gift that blesses all.

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